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The Gregor G. Peterson Prize in Venture Philanthropy awards trailblazers.


The Peterson family and Hoplin Jackson partnered to find bold ideas and build life-changing nonprofits.

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Building a Bridge to the Future

Peterson Dream + Hoplin Jackson Know-How = Innovative Philanthropy

The $250,000 Gregor G. Peterson Prize in Venture Philanthropy was launched in 2019 to honor Greg Peterson’s core principles in business and to advance his long-standing legacy of philanthropy. Peterson was a pioneer in the field of venture capital. In 1961, the San Francisco native co-founded Sutter Hill Co., one of the first venture capital firms on the West Coast.

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We have found true partners in our desire to apply our dad’s business principles to our philanthropic pursuits. Hoplin Jackson listened intently, embraced our idea, and gave it legs. They are walking alongside our whole family now, customizing our approach and empowering us to make the difference we desire.
— Eric Peterson, Hoplin Jackson Client
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