Let’s make a difference in the causes closest to your heart.


Together we’ll find the nonprofits that match your visions + values, from start to finish.

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Hoplin Jackson Charitable Advisors

We’re Nicole Hoplin +
John Jackson.

And we help you give in a way that feels good.
When you start dipping your toe into the wide sea of nonprofits, it can be hard to pinpoint who’s the most legitimate and deserving of your donations. (With more than 40 years of combined experience in the philanthropic sector, we truly get it.)

Together, we make sure that your money goes to the best place possible. What makes a place “the best”? We look for the causes that you care about most, and then dive into the details — how do they use their funding? Does their funding translate to real-world help? Do they have a proven track record of really digging in and doing the important work?

In other words, this is giving that gets stuff done, and feels good along the way.

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Lift others up + leave your legacy.


Let’s hear it for the entrepreneurs. The family-focused folks who know what it means to work hard and
dream big.

Because here at Hoplin Jackson, we have faith in the future of our country
and we know you do, too.

If you truly want to make a difference for our country, hire Hoplin Jackson Charitable Advisors. I’ve been in the nonprofit world for 40 years. Nicole Hoplin and John Jackson’s experience, capabilities, integrity, and work ethic are unsurpassed.
— Ron Robinson, President of Young America’s Foundation & the Reagan Ranch
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